KiSS-Constellations - A new approach to constellations


KiSS-Constellations - Constellations in a new way

Instead of focussing on the problem and its solution, KiSS-Constellations start with the solution.

In just a few and completely simple steps, people and/or organisations are guided from the role of victim to the role of creator by means of a defined process and can thus arrive fully in life. By reducing the constellation to just a few elements, focus and clarity are created in the simplest possible way and the solution can be brought about safely in the systemic picture.

KiSS - Keep it simple and safe.

The modular KiSS Constellation formats, which can be attended individually or as a certificate course consisting of 5 basic modules PLUS free coaching with Carmen Pipola, are therefore as varied as people and their issues.

These basic modules each cover two different basic KiSS Constellations formats on classic topics such as "Family, Health, Empowerment or Trauma". It is possible to join the certification programme at any time, as the modules are recurring and any missed modules can be made up for at a later date.

After successfully completing the basic modules, Carmen also offers a masterclass that provides an even deeper introduction to the KiSS formats and rounds off the format portfolio with awareness topics.

Carmen Pipola-Steinger - Infosyon master trainer and coach - has channelled 30 years of learning and intensive personal experience into this type of constellation work. So let yourself be inspired by the quick and yet simple effects of the KiSS constellation and expand your own methodological toolbox.

Get an insight into the new methods now and experience their effectiveness directly on yourself in a group setting in our workshops!

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